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Richard Kennaway, Enrico Coen, Amelia Green, Andrew Bangham, "Generation of diverse biological forms through combinatorial interactions between tissue polarity and growth", PLoS Comp Biol, 2011 (in press)

The models shown here illustrate points about the understanding of growth. They are not designed to illustrate properties of the GFtbox (although this might be a by-product).

The models are to be found on
Menus:Projects:Models:Published:Kennaway etal 2011
CASES A to Q have been extracted from the original single project for two reasons, clarity and they have been altered slightly to make them more consistent with the style of programming that we have found makes interaction functions clearer. The results are the same.


These models are those used in the paper.

  • GPT_InvagEmbryo

Amelia A. Green, J. Richard Kennaway, Andrew I. Hanna, J. Andrew Bangham, Enrico Coen, "Genetic Control of Organ Shape and Tissue Polarity", PLoS Biol, 2010, vol.8, no.11,

Min-Long Cui, Lucy Copsey, Amelia A. Green, J. Andrew Bangham, Enrico Coen, "Quantitative Control of Organ Shape by Combinatorial Gene Activity", PLoS Biol, 2010, vol.8, no.11,