In the beginning Growing a cone

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Having already produced a disc with uniform growth on A and B sides (see First tutorial)

Add a pattern of polariser

Select Tool:Factors makes the Morphogen Panel visible. Currently we are controlling the Polariser factor. It has been selected from a drop down list top right (Plot current factor). We add a radially increasing gradient of Polariser. Make sure that the Panel Plot Options:Monochrome is ticked and the gradient of Polariser will be as shown.
Turn on Panel: Plot Options: Pol. grad. and turn off Panel: Plot Options:FE edges.
Then, when growth starts, arrows will point down the polariser gradient.

What will be the result of growth?

GFtbox interface

And grow

Now save the project using the Save As button.

Change the Panel Run:Run until box to 3 and click the Panel Run:Run until button. The canvas will grow in steps set by the Panel Simulation:Timescale box.

Idea:To see the arrows more clearly reduce the number by setting Panel: Plot Options: Sparsity to 0.1. Larger values reduce the number of arrows and makes them larger
Note: there are options to programmatically change the size, colour and density of arrows.

GFtbox interface