Tutorial on the basic interaction function

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Variables and utility functions

Variables that need to be seen in the GUI (morphogens, growth factors, signals, etc.) are always set up (declared) from the GUI using Morphogen Panel. We have evolved a naming convention

id_ identity factor
s_ signalling factor
v_ visual monitor
f_ finite element monitor
suffixes _p, _l, _a, _i

Full details of types of morphogens and factors

Pre-defined variables
dt computational step size
realtime virtual time of the model
Pre-defined functions
Steps(m) current step number in Mesh m
pro(k,id) promote by k in regions designated by factor, id
inh(k,id) inhibit by k in regions designated by factor, id
local_setproperties( m ) initialise Mesh properties
leaf_*( m, *) A large library of functions for manipulating the Mesh data structure, m. Many are listed in the GUI help system, Menu:Help

The interaction function