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 RegisterDeregisterTool('Command',option ['Command2',option2])

 Handles the storage, use and removal of DArT tool handles
 saved in the 'userdata' field of the main Matlab user interface, handle 0

 Command option pairs
      'Set',   'ToolName','Handle',ToolHandle
      'get',   'ToolName'

 See also: ClusterControl

(note, failure to manage tool handles correctly can make it 
 impossible to close the tool window. The only option then seems to
 be to close Matlab. Oops!)

J. Andrew Bangham, 2008


 function ToolShed

 Dr. A. I. Hanna, CMP, UEA, 2008.



 A function that takes a string containing the name of a TIF stack, and
 returns a MxNxF volume where F is the number of images in the stack.

 Dr. A. I. Hanna (2007)