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This is code is strictly for non-commercial use. If you incorporate this code into a commercial product, use it for consultancy or make money from it in some other way then you need to buy a licence. Licences are obtainable from the UEA Intellectual Property Office. Please contact the code authors or for details.

Download siv2d

Download revised Oct2013 Source (.c) and mex code for windows.

siv2d.mexw64 installation

Unzip the download into handy directory:

  • siv2d.c
  • siv2d.m (help file)
  • siv2d.mexw64 (actually, it is 32 bit - I'm still working on making it fully 64 bit Matlab compliant. Crumbs, this code goes back over 20 years. You might want to look at OpenCV MSER code which appears to implicitly implement the 'o' sieve (siv2d does 'o','c','M','N','m'.