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Selection of VolViewer commands

The Matlab 'VolViewer' class library provides commandsVOL which will pass commands to VolViewer, e.g. in Matlab


VO is a VolViewer object created by Matlab when it launches VolViewer with


where 'D:\VolViewer_x64' is the path to both VolViewer itself and the location of a 'WatchFile.txt' into which commands are written.

Image open_image_stack(int channel, 'somepath\slice000.png') 0 all, 1 red, 2 green, 3 blue, directory of image slices
open_image_raw(int channel, 'somepath\myfile.raw')
open_omero_image('imageid') (in preparation)
save_omero_image('name', 'description') (in preparation)
Objects open_msr('somepath\file.msr') points, lines and facets placed around images
set_clear_all_MSR() clears the points, lines and facets
open_slc('somepath\file.slc') clipping planes
open_tfn('somepath\file.tfn')') transfer function, i.e. brightness/contrast/thresholds
Viewing set_orientation(float angleX, float angleY, float angleZ) set the current view based on the three Euler floating point angles specified in degrees.
set_projection_mode('mode') projection rendering mode based on the mode text. The function supports, MIP and SUM projection modes
open_slc('somepath\file.slc') clipping planes
set_channels(int red, int green, int blue) 0 sets colour channel off, 1 turns it on. 0,0,0 turns off all channels, i.e. hides the image
set_zoom(float zoomamount) percentage
set_shader(int shader_mode) 0: No Lighting, 1: Photorealistic Lighting, 2: Non-Photorealistic Lighting, 3: Depth Peal (also see, depthpeal, depthcue, gooch_lighting, light_colour,
Interface set_watchfile('file.txt') sets the VolViewer to watch a specific ascii file: automatically installed by Matlab functions
set_logfile('log.txt') set the debug output to a text file. Note under windows this will also hide the application console if it exists
set_close() close VolViewer
wait_for_quit() queues subsequent commands which are then executed when the user closes the application.
set_hide() hide VolViewer
set_show() show VolViewer
set_hide_menubars() hide menubars
set_show_menubars() show menubars
set_hide_orthosections() hide orthosections
set_show_orthosections() show orthosections