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18th – 19th March (COMPLETED) BCS/UKCRC Grand Challenges in Computing Science 1: In Vivo In Silico a challenge to model a higher organism by 2020 STEMN, Andrew Bangham BCS and Royal Society, Pre-meeting gathering to develop case for Grand Challenge status
May (COMPLETED) auxin workshop CPIB, SIGNET, GARNet, STEMN. John King and Malcolm Bennett Mini symposium at
June 30th - July 4th (COMPLETED) Modelling challenges in plant science STEMN. Andrew Millar Parallel session as part of the main conference designed to increase awareness of plant science as an area of interest for mathematicians.
July (COMPLETED) Participate in the Systems Biology Session at the Society for Experimental Biology Meeting. STEMN, SIGNET Contribution to workshop.
15-18 September (COMPLETED) Plant Modelling Summer School. University of Nottingham CPIB GARNet CISBE STEMN SIGNET To introduce modelling and quantitative approaches to biology. To encourage experimental design which generates data suitable for modelling.